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Wislok M Training Pants

Pant Quality: 87% polyester, 13% elastane
Fra kr 399,00

Turbend M Long Training Pant

The Turbend Long Training Pants for men are a pair of thin and flexible sports pants that you can really move around in, whether they are used for working out at the gym or for a night on the couch. At the waist there is an elastic band, which helps to provide a secure and tight fit. At the ankles, there are zippers that can be opened up as needed to create a better ventilation and breathability.
Fra kr 499,00

Rib Cuff Pants

Bukse med snøring i midjen og en liten Champion logo på venstre hofte
Fra kr 449,00

Tights Long W

Designed to keep you moving in colder conditions, these high-stretch tights offer the length you need to keep warm.
Fra kr 999,00

Blag V2 M Hyper Stretch Pants

Blag V2 M Hyper Stretch Pants for menn er veldig myk og behagelig. På forsiden er det lommer med glidelås, slik at du kan ta med deg de viktigste verdisakene dine. Videre er Virtus-logoen i livet.
Fra kr 399,00